Role Model of the Week: Kayla Kleinman of Kayla in the City

Posted 7/30/2014 At 12:02pm


Kayla is a 23-year-old NASM certified personal trainer, AFAA certified group fitness instructor, and musical theater lover working as the Social Media and Marketing Manager at ClassPass

If you want to connect with Kayla, you can find her online here:




STATE: Have you found that it is easier or harder to maintain an active lifestyle while living in Manhattan? 
Kayla: I think maintaining an active lifestyle is much easier in Manhattan. First of all, New Yorkers walk EVERYWHERE. I briefly lived in Los Angeles after college and was shocked that people simply don’t walk there, but in New York I easily walk a few miles every day. 
I also think fitness is far more accessible here compared to other areas. It seems like there’s a gym or fitness studio on every block in Manhattan plus all the great parks. 
STATE: What is your typical day like as a social media and marketing manager? 
Kayla: I try my best to workout before work so it’s over and done with. It’s pretty rare for a meeting or fun social plans to pop up at 7AM. I’m lucky that I get to take classes at a lot of NYC’s fitness studios for free thanks to work, and I definitely take advantage of it. 
From 9-ish to 6-ish I’m at our office in Chelsea working on all of our social media accounts, the blog and other marketing aspects. I wear a lot of hats but it keeps me busy.
If I didn’t work out in the morning I try to sneak out in the middle of the day for a quick sweat break… I’m terrible about working out at night. 
STATE: You combined two seemingly unrelated fields - theater and fitness - into a successful career! What advice do you have for people like yourself with interests that seem unrelated? 
Kayla: I think there’s always a common ground between your two passions. In college I worked as the dance specialist at a day camp in Westchester basically teaching zumba classes to kids. Teaching those classes gave me a similar rush to what it feels like when I’m up on stage performing. There’s actually a lot of overlap between the fitness and theater community in NYC. Both give you a similar feeling, it’s hard to explain. 

STATE of Schools

Posted 7/29/2014 At 3:12pm


The Daily News Hometown Heroes nomination period has just ended! Congrats to all those fabulous teachers who got their hat thrown in the ring by someone they’ve influenced. Here’s a look at Seth Andrew, Bronx native, founder of Democracy Prep and a well-deserving Hometown Hero.

Bringing it Home, A Word from STATE Founder, Scot

Posted 7/28/2014 At 12:44pm

A report was recently released by UCLA’s Civil Rights Project which revealed astonishing findings about the realities of a severely segregated New York school system.

I write this not as a politician proposing policies and solutions, or an educator in the daily trenches of these schools, but as an activist whose personal mission the last decade has been to shed light on the disparities faced by children living in underfunded American neighborhoods (with a heavy focus on New York City), and to lend a helping hand wherever possible. 

Studies such as these continue to arise, proving not only a need for change here in the US, but also just a dire need. Although it’s daunting to read the facts, it’s encouraging at the same time to think that this will awaken a movement, and a call to action to break a long overdue cycle.  

I consider some of my responsibilities and goals as Co-Founder of STATE Bags and Founder of Country Roads Foundation to be the following: To motivate, empower and inspire children in at-risk neighborhoods. To level the playing field when possible and provide them the opportunities that a child in a well-funded community would also have. To expose them to a world outside their often turbulent, volatile neighborhoods. To teach them that although they may not come from much in a material sense, they still have something special to offer the world, and can always give back to better their communities and themselves. 

The findings of this study are especially disheartening because it breaks down many of those goals I have for these kids. The notion that their school systems are overcrowded, homogeneous in race and often dysfunctional further perpetuate their feelings of inadequacies, difference and separation. 

I would love to say that these realities could serve as fuel to the majority of these kids to beat the odds stacked against them, and although some will, sadly most won’t.  It’s truly a tale of two cities, which not only illuminates the haves and the have nots to the outer world, but serves as further proof to these kids that they are in fact different, not as valued and things are separate, and not equal. 

I chose to do this work because this two city tale just didn’t seem fair. When I walk the streets of East New York, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Red Hook, Brooklyn I’m always encouraged by the feeling of community and pride, but simultaneously disheartened by the challenged and frustrated stories and faces of people who are tired of battling these odds. 

Reversing this cycle will not be easy, but it appears to me that the first step must be to simply put forth an effort to change the course. A conscious decision by the powers that be to desegregate. One of the most moving phenomenons that organically occurs each summer at our nonprofit camp for kids from Brooklyn is the breaking down of walls between races and cultures. Kids arrive with their guards up, close-minded to those that don’t live in their neighborhoods or don’t share their skin color. In time, those shields are gone, and amidst the newly build trust and friendships is a new mindset - one that will think twice about questioning a white person’s true motives, or reevaluate the significance of hip-hop music to a teenage boy without a dad. What happens when cultures clash can often be magical, and we’re stripping our youth of those opportunities by letting this separation continue.  

One of the biggest reasons my wife and I have chosen to raise our daughter and future child in Brooklyn is because of its pulsating diversity. Our hope is that simply by growing up in such a heterogeneous city, our kids will always yearn for more and challenge uniformity. If walking the streets and riding the subway is guaranteed to expose them to a beautiful variety of races and cultures, why shouldn’t it be the same for them at school? We hope it will be one day.

An Original to the End

Posted 7/27/2014 At 11:54pm

Steve Friess remembering the Broadway legend, Elaine Stritch.

STATE of Sound

Posted 7/23/2014 At 2:26pm

Today at STATE, we’re bobbing our heads along to these sweet jams.

What’s in Your Bag?

Posted 7/21/2014 At 1:08pm

You can tell a lot about someone by the content of their character, and you can conclude some more by the contents of their backpack. Check out the WSJ profile of  New York set designer Derek McLane told through the stuff in his bag.

Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

New STATE Collection Coming Soon!

Posted 7/20/2014 At 6:13pm

Keep it together, people! A new line of STATE Bags, along with a fresh website is underway. We promise, it’s worth the wait. 

Think Outside the Gym

Posted 7/16/2014 At 12:45pm

Not a fan of the standard gym but still want to work up a sweat? Then check out these five unique fitness classes around New York City!

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Posted 7/14/2014 At 4:54pm

Hey there all you #HealthMonth celebrators! Have you checked out BeFitNYC yet? It’s a search engine for free and low-cost fitness activities in New York City. You can find programs, classes, facilities, and leagues in the Parks Department’s properties as well as partner groups!

Who knows…you might find your new favorite Saturday morning activity!

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Lights, Camera, Ashton!

Posted 7/14/2014 At 11:54am

What’s more fun than traipsing around Brooklyn? Easy. Traipsing around Brooklyn shooting our new line of STATE Bags (and some old favorites- rebooted) for our new website.

STATE teamed up with Blackrose Production company and photographer Baldomero Fernandez to capture the sophistication and versatility of our new collection of back-to-school, back-to-business fall digs.

Between the bicycles, balloons, and bubbles, at times we weren’t sure if we were having a photo shoot or throwing the best block party in Greenpoint.

Thanks to all the talented models, photographers, make-up artists and stylists who made yesterday into such a successful shoot!

Stay tuned as we take STATE to a whole ‘nother level. Fresh look, fresh inventory, fresh photos!